2013 Preview Theme Week Post 3: Tom Clempson on Supporting The Debut Underdogs Privacy

Broken mirrors, cracks in the pavement, walking under ladders, balancing twigs on your ears on a Thursday, the number 13… all are considered to be bad luck. So any superstitious debut authors being published in 2013 must be pooing themselves a bit, right? Of course not! They’re being published! PUBLISHED I tell you! How much good luck can one person ask for?

But what if there is some bad luck? What if this book – the book they have spent years planning, writing, polishing, dreaming about – should hit a bump in the road? Bad things can happen, even when you’re published: poor timing, bad reviews, terrible front cover, dodgy marketing, an editor who balances twigs on their ears on a Thursday – any number of things can jeopardise a book’s success, and if a debut novel flops abysmally then that can be a difficult thing to financially recover from. It’s not that all publishers are cold hearted, short-sighted, narrow-minded fools who would refuse to publish a good author following a flop (though I’m sure there are some), it’s more that this could crush an authors belief in themselves. Okay, so, authors have to be thick skinned; they need to learn to roll with the punches; it’s vital that they can say “so, some dude said it’s the worst thing to have ever been printed on paper ! But I’m fine with that.” But, at the same time, authors are only human. They have worries, doubts, fears, panic attacks just like anyone else. So yes, 2013 will be a scary year.

An incredibly exciting and life-changing year, but scary all the same, or contact us.

Now, I’m not saying everyone should go easy on debut authors, because they shouldn’t. A debut novel should be reviewed with the same balls-to-the-wall, take-no-prisoners approach as any other book and nobody should feel bad about giving 1 star reviews. I know for a fact that there are authors who would prefer to get a mix of ones and fives than a straight run of threes. Plus, one thing that everyone should remember (authors included) is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – one stinking bad review can be what attracts someone else to that very same book. What I’m actually trying to say is, in 2013, let’s give some debut authors a little extra luck. When browsing the 2013 list of debuts and trying to choose which one to read next, why not try having a bash at the book with the terrible cover, the one with the bad reviews, the one that screams “meh” at you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, take a risk, live life on the edge… hell, you could even try reading it on a Thursday whilst balancing twigs on your ears – all the better for forming a trust.

In 2013 let’s support the debut underdogs.Guest Post: Joe Craig on Words, Death and Dilemmas. Let’s get to business!