My Power Mall: The First Completely Free Online Business Opportunity


After doing a search on Associated Content, I found they had zero articles on My Power Mall. That makes this company a perfect one for me to review.

When I was doing some research on the My Power Mall System the first thing that caught my attention was that My Power Mall was really and truly free. I know many programs that are free to sign up, but they quickly start asking for money after that. SFI would be one of them. My Power Mall is different. After you sign up, you are never asked to spend a dime. I have never, in all my years found an online business opportunity that was 100% free.

There are 2 types of Power Malls to choose from. Each has over 1,000 stores within it.

1. Personal Mall: If you are just looking to earn money on your everyday purchases, this mall is for you. Just do your regular shopping, but do it through your Personal Power Mall. You will earn a rebate on every one of your purchases. The percent varies from store to store, but it is always displayed right under the store logo so you know ahead of time.

2. Business Mall: If you are looking to make a career, this is the mall for you. You give away free Power Malls to others and earn rebates on their everyday purchases. This works up to 9 levels down. I have never seen anything go that deep, which makes your earning potential huge! It is easy to do because the program is totally free. People don’t really hesitate to sign up because they don’t have anything to lose. You start out at level 1. You will earn rebates on your purchases as well. Then all the people you directly refer will fall under your level 2. Then all the people that level 2 refer go in your level 3. All the way down to level 9.

What is amazing about this opportunity is that it was created for 100% of people to succeed not your average 3%. Teenagers and International members are welcome to get their own Power Mall’s as well. There is no minimum purchase requirements making this opportunity totally free for those who cannot even afford to spend one dime. You can purchase from your Power Mall, but you don’t have to to earn money on the people below you.

I personally, only purchase items that I was going to buy anyway. Here is one example: I needed to buy Bible Study books for my ladies Bible Study. They were $6 per book at Christian Book Distributors, plus shipping and handling. I went on my Power Mall and bought them at for $6.00 total (including shipping and handling). Plus I got a rebate from shopping through my mall. See the potential savings, just for buying what you were normally going to buy anyway? It also feels good to know that 8 people above me also earned a little something because I made that purchase.

If that wasn’t enough, 2% of all the corporate profits goes to the One-Child-at-a-Time program. The child’s picture and story are displayed at the top of your mall. When the money has been raised that the child needs, a new child will be featured.

You can meet the creator and CEO of this business (Ginny) just by visiting the website and viewing the videos. Everything you need to know is explained in the video’s before you sign-up. That’s right I said before you sign-up. This company is honest, and they don’t ask you to sign-up until you fully understand the program.

So if you are looking into an online Business Opportunity, I strongly recommend you start with this program. You’ll get a free business, and free training. You can’t beat free!