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The accidental Top Commenter.
I have become fairly avid at posting comments.  I post comments while watching Football or TV and with the playoffs here for 2008 I have been active commenting when the ads are on. Did I mention I love the Mute Button?

I found a blog that had Lucias Linky love. I know that if I get 10 approved comments my comments will become Dofollow links.  I added eight links to the website.  I was promoting a fairly new blog of mine that had about 20 links.  The following week as I was looking up my site it showed I had 200+ links in Yahoo.  I am saying no way.  I have only put in a couple of articles on the website and they could not have propagated that fast.    I went to Yahoo and checked and there were a ton of them from one website.

I had become a Top commenter on the blog with only eight comments.  My link was now on every page in the website and it has 150+ pages.  I do not know how long my Top commenter status will last but I found it pretty cool.  A couple of days later I became a Top commenter on another blog without knowing it and my total links jumped by another 150.

Split Personality
I have multiple online personalities.  What I mean by this is I have several websites that I promote and I have a different email and name that I use to promote each website.  I have recently become a top commenter on that site with another one of my personalities.

This is a Dofollow Blog. I love comments and if approved you will be rewarded with a dofollow link.