I had plenty of source materials in creating Archie and his friends, particularly Julie Myerson’s books The Lost Child and Living with Teenagers. Archie’s friend Oscar and his family are pretty much based on the Myersons. I also read the reports of the death of a teenage girl at a party in West London. The party was hosted by another girl whose parents had gone out for the night to allow them to party in peace. A few teens searched the host’s father’s cupboard, looking for drugs; they found and took some ecstasy. One girl took two tabs and died, the father whose drugs they were was so consumed with guilt that a few days later tried to commit suicide.

Archie isn’t the only narrator of Another Life, Ty has his own chapters. I decided not to mark the chapters in any way, so you have to work out from the voice and content who is speaking. Sometimes it’s immediately obvious, sometimes less so. The point is that underneath all their differences, Ty and Archie are both daft but essentially normal teenagers, going through the painful process of growing up.

2013 Preview Theme Week Post 1: CJ Flood on 2013 Releases She’s Looking Forward Tobooks

Welcome to my 2013 preview theme week! I’m really excited about the number of great contemporary releases planned for 2013 – I’ve already read one which is excellent (details of that later this week!) and there are a bunch of books coming out in the next 12 months which look great, so this week is all about giving people an idea of some of the brilliant stuff coming out.

One of the books which looks really interesting is Infinite Sky, by debut author CJ Flood – so when she was kind enough to agree to write a post for the week, I was thrilled! Without further ado, here it is.

My debut novel comes out on Valentines Day 2013. Set in the Midlands of England, it is the story of thirteen-year-old Iris Dancy, and the summer that Irish Traveller’s set up camp on her family’s farm. It is the same summer that her mum leaves the family to go travelling,her older brother goes off the rails, and her dad struggles to hold it all together: a summer that changes everything. It is about love and freedom and loyalty. Read early reviews here.

One of the loveliest things about debuting in 2013 is that I got to be part of The Lucky 13s which is a group of childrens and YA writers who all have their first book coming out next year. We blog about the ups and downs of publishing, and our writing processes, but more importantly, behind the scenes, we support each other, share our experiences, and generally help each other navigate the exciting (and often nerve-wracking) world of publishing.

Without all of these excellent, talented, rational people, I know my journey towards publication would have been much more confusing, and I am really grateful to them all for their generosity and openess. Needless to say, as a result of working with all these people, I am looking forward to A LOT of YA and children’s debuts in 2013 (and I have already read some amazing books as we are in the middle of a Lucky 13 ARC tour). In fact, I am looking forward to waaay more than there is room for here.