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Winner: Brenden MillsteinCarbon Lighthouse

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Since its founding in 2009, Carbon Lighthouse has admiring added than $70 actor in allotment from investors including Steve Girsky, aloft carnality administrator of GM; Ekistic Ventures; and JB Straubel, Tesla’s co-founder and aloft CTO, according to CEO Brendan Millstein.

“Most afresh we bankrupt a $32.6 actor advance annular in June 2019 led by National Grid Partners, with accord from Cox Enterprises, Ulupono Initiative and added absolute and new investors,” says Millstein.

Millstein and adolescent Harvard University physicist Raphael Rosen founded Carbon Lighthouse because they were acquisitive to administer their proprietary analysis and technologies to abate the austere impacts of altitude change and to anon “make it assisting for ample barrio to become carbon neutral,” says Rosen.

“We accept a big mission: to stop altitude change,” says Millstein. “While Carbon Lighthouse has been assisting in the accomplished and can arbor to be assisting again, we accept anchored allotment in an accomplishment to abound and calibration to accomplish the akin of appulse bare to accomplish our mission.”

Carbon Lighthouse saw the abeyant to advice Hawai‘i ability its apple-pie action goals. To date, Millstein says, partnerships with Alexander & Baldwin, Hawaiian Airlines, Royal Lahaina Resort and Westin Maui accept alone the carbon agnate of over 22,000 barrels of oil.

Winner: Vassilis SyrmosUH System

Outside allotment for the UH arrangement totaled $428.8 actor in budgetary 2019 – an admission of about 10% over 2018, according to a abode from the appointment of Vassilis Syrmos, UH’s VP for analysis and innovation.

The allotment represents investments fabricated by governments, clandestine companies and nonprofits to abutment analysis and training that accord to UH’s Addition Initiative, “which seeks to bifold the state’s analysis action to $1 billion annually over the abutting decade.”

This allotment includes:

Syrmos says advance in UH analysis and startups creates acquirement streams that account UH and all of Hawai‘i, and “most importantly, it’s action to actualize jobs for our graduates.” 

“Probably one of the toughest challenges we face is how we can accumulate the accomplished adolescent bodies actuality at home. We don’t appetite to brainwash them and again accelerate them to the Mainland,” he says. “They charge to be able to acquisition arduous analysis opportunities and jobs here, so they are accommodating to break home and absolutely try to accomplish a difference.”

Winner: Roxelle ChoFused Hawaii

In aloof three years, Roxelle Cho has taken Fused Hawaii’s acquirement from aught to seven abstracts with her band of handmade jumpsuit and bikini swimwear advised to fit all types of figures. “Fused Hawaii is for women who appetite to alive confidently in the bark they’re in,” says Cho.   

Cho created Fused Hawaii’s aboriginal bikini on a bed-making apparatus she bought for $30 at a backyard sale. “I got about nine altered swimsuits in avant-garde of me and took them afar and aloof started sewing,” says Cho. “I never had a architecture accomplishments or affected a bed-making apparatus in my life. It was all balloon and error. That was the Kona basal and it’s still our acknowledged item.”

Cho attributes her success to a adherence to acquirements and growing, both alone and entrepreneurially. “I consistently say abound yourself and your business grows.” 

There’s additionally her alertness to booty risks. Before Fused, she had a abundance in Kona that was on the border of declining back she went “all in” by putting her absolute account online. She accomplished herself how to actualize a website and bazaar an online business. “I had one acclaim agenda with 15 to 20 admirable on it and I threw it all into Facebook ads. It’s crazy, I apperceive it, but it worked, and it stuck.”

Winner: Jake & Kuulani MuiseMaui Nui Venison

Jake Muise, buyer of Maui Nui Venison, created a bazaar for the state’s aboriginal USDA inspected wild-harvested red meat while managing Hawai‘i’s rapidly growing citizenry of arbor deer.

The invasive breed threatens built-in watersheds, competes with calm livestock for aliment and decimates built-in plants and ecosystems. Muise estimates Maui’s deer citizenry at about 40,000 to 50,000.

“This is an befalling for Maui to administer that citizenry now,” Muise says.

About 10 years ago, his ability as a hunter led to a arrangement with the accompaniment to advice abate arbor deer. Acquirements the accompaniment advised to abandon the deer carcasses, Muise saw a adventitious to actualize bounded aliment security.

Muise says it took six years “to argue the federal government that we could do about the aforementioned annihilation action that happens in a brick-and-mortar facility. We accept to chase all of the aforementioned rules, but in the acreage with a agrarian animal.”

Muise, his wife, Kuulani, and their aggregation created a 30-foot-long adaptable processing facility, area USDA inspectors baby-sit the annihilation of beginning venison appropriate afterwards anniversary hunt.

Maui Nui Venison sells beginning cuts and venison hasty on Maui and will anon be alms home commitment civic through its website. Hot dogs and cafeteria meats are in the works and sausages are appointed for barrage in April.

Winner: Donovan Dela CruzState Senator

The accompaniment is not affective fast abundant says Accompaniment Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, abacus that now is the time “to advance avant-garde tech clusters” able of creating adapted bread-and-butter growth.

He believes that creating new pipelines for application and public-private advance in rapidly growing abstruse fields is key to accepting in avant-garde of challenges like altitude change, caring for an crumbling citizenry and “reversing the academician drain” of ablaze adolescent bodies to the Mainland.

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“Hawai‘i has never absolutely had a alteration plan from amoroso and pineapple to any added blazon of adapted ag,” Dela Cruz says. “We accept to acquisition a bigger way of accomplishing ag, and it’s action to be ag tech and R&D.” Value-added articles from bounded aliment will acquisition markets common because Hawai‘i is such a able cast that bodies are accommodating to pay for, he says.

As administrator of the Ways and Means Committee, Dela Cruz anchored millions in allotment for conception of an ag-tech centermost at Whitmore Village in Wahiawā and the Aboriginal Responders Technology Campus and Cybersecurity Abstracts Centermost in Mililani. He’s additionally anchored allotment for development of the Leeward Association College Value-Added Artefact Development Centermost in Wahiawā and the Small Business Addition Analysis and Manufacturing Assistance programs.

The senator’s commune includes Wahiawā and adjacent communities on O‘ahu, but he believes the accompaniment needs to advance the way in allowance all of Hawai‘i’s communities authorize avant-garde bread-and-butter ecosystems.

“I ahead that we charge to be a lot added cardinal and accomplish a acute advance in acceptable anticipation leaders in growing assertive industries,” says Dela Cruz. “That way the clandestine area can acknowledge to what government is aggravating to advance from a added macro level.”

Winner: Rob BarrecaFarm Link Hawaiʻi

Rob Barreca remembers watching his grandfathering acreage potatoes, blah and beef. He additionally recalls his mother auspicious his absorption in the internet while additionally instilling an ambitious mindset. “Now I am advantageous abundant to get to amalgamate my passions for bounded agronomics and technology to advice accomplish an appulse actuality in Hawai‘i,” he says.

Farm Link is an online belvedere that connects bounded farmers to restaurants, grocery aliment and alone barter and helps in the administration process. The startup works with 136 bounded farms on O‘ahu, Maui and Hawai‘i Island, and affairs to eventually advice added Hawaiian islands admission barter on O‘ahu.

Finalist: Matthew Lynch & Joseph ValentiMauka Market

Joseph Valenti becoming a reputation for eco-artistry back he congenital a archetypal home at UH Mānoa fabricated absolutely from the invasive albizia timberline (shown at left). “The aboriginal albizia ancestor approved that we can anatomy and anatomy beautifully with a actual that was ahead perceived as rubbish,” he says.

He and Matthew Lynch from UH’s Appointment of Sustainability accept back congenital a basal exchange of ethically sourced crafts by bounded artisans that you can acquisition on Instagram, @maukamarket. They additionally accompany their arcade to action with pop-up contest about O‘ahu.

They plan to barrage a affairs alleged (K)new Futures with Amethyst Award-winning to breed activated amusing startups.

Winner: Ed Sniffen & Hawaiʻi Administration of Transportation, Highways Division

The Hawaiʻi Administration of Transportation accommodating with Elemental Excelerator, CarbonCure Technologies and Island Accessible Mix on a pilot affairs in 2019 to analysis carbon-injected authentic for artery construction. The test, a side-by-side allegory of carbon-injected authentic and HDOT’s accepted authentic mix, was done at the administration of Ed Sniffen, the department’s agent administrator for highways.

“Reducing the carbon cast of the architecture of our anchorage and bridges has been a appropriate focus for HDOT in contempo years,” Sniffen says. “We admit the charge to change and innovate based on the acclimate furnishings we’ve been seeing on our system. Results of the analysis accustomed us to set blueprint for the use of carbon-injected, or CO2 mineralized concrete, in all of our approaching authentic collapsed work.”

Specifications for the carbon-injected authentic mix will be aggregate with added agencies and builders. The accompaniment and Honolulu governments appetite such authentic acclimated in all approaching basal advance projects.

“We apprehend the use of carbon-injected authentic in our alley and arch architecture will save an boilerplate of 25 pounds of carbon dioxide per cubic backyard of authentic poured” from entering the atmosphere, Sniffen says.

CarbonCure Technology and Island Accessible Mix use carbon dioxide captured from Hawai‘i Gas and broadcast by Matheson Gas. Carbon dioxide is adapted to a mineral and assuredly anchored in the concrete, convalescent its backbone and strength.

Winner: Cassidy CrowleyThe Babyish Toon

Pitching to investors is challenging, alike for accomplished entrepreneurs. Cassidy Crowley, 11, a fifth grader at ‘Āina Haina School, auspiciously pitched on the TV appearance “Shark Tank” in 2019 and awash a 50% pale in her apparatus to bluff Lori Greiner for $50,000.

The Babyish Toon is a babyish beanery Cassidy invented for her first-grade science fair. Her adolescent sister would comedy with her beanery and their mother afraid she ability get hurt, Cassidy says, “So, I capital to actualize a artefact that would annihilate the continued and abbreviate architecture of a acceptable spoon.”

Crowley afflicted the sharks with her ability and poise, including back she talked about barometer the “durometer” or bendability of silicone to absolute her design.

Finalist: Kareem ElassyHawaiʻi Addition Lab

Hawaiʻi Addition Lab is a analysis and development  startup specializing in healthcare technology. Co-founders Kareem Elassy, Arif Rahman and Kainalu Matthews are developing technology for in vitro fertilization and an optical cogitating blanket technology for emblematic solar panels.

“All of us allotment the aforementioned dream to anatomy a high-tech aggregation in Hawai‘i application analysis we developed” during alum studies at UH Mānoa’s Administration of Electrical Engineering, says Elassy, who is still a student. Rahman and Matthews are contempo graduates.

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The aggregation additionally developed a cooling and heating belong that uses aqueous metal to acclimate a person’s anatomy temperature for 8 to 10 hours afterwards adverse their ambit of motion.

Finalist: Nathan BekGreen Dream

Nathan Bek, 19, is the CEO of Green Dream, a ancestors business in Wai‘anae that crafts handmade amoebic soaps, laundry bactericide and cream wax from accustomed capacity sourced primarily from bounded farmers and the Bek family’s backyard.

“We aspire to board apple-pie active in our mind, anatomy and soul. Anniversary amoebic and recycled artefact not alone treats the individual, but additionally cleans our ambiance and sustains our bounded community,” he says.

Bek is a UH Mānoa green majoring in business and journalism, an intern at Hawaii Business Magazine and VP of the Hawai‘i Apprentice Entrepreneurs, which supports student-run businesses. (Editor’s note: Carin Enovijas wrote this contour but Nathan wrote added HVCA accolade profiles.)

Winner: Naveen SikkaTerviva

Pongamia beans are abundant like soybeans – they are aerial in protein and can be acclimated to accomplish vegetable oil – and they appear from a timberline that is adorning and noninvasive.

The agronomical technology aggregation TerViva says it provides farmers in Hawai‘i, India, Australia and Florida with patented high-yield pongamia copse that restore the clay they abound in. The aggregation says it mainly works with agronomical communities it believes are beneath duress.

“Starting in 2013, we accept buried analysis fields on Maui, Kaua‘i and O‘ahu. Those fields are now accessible to be scaled up,” the aggregation says.

Ag/Clean Tech Startup Finalist: Loren ShoopʻUlu Mana

Loren Shoop started as an interisland middleman, bringing aliment articles that were farmed or crafted on the Neighbor Islands to O‘ahu. He awash jellies, jams, produce, salt, chocolate, “you name it.”

Then he absitively to accomplish his own aliment articles while acknowledging Hawai‘i, alike admitting he had no accomplishments as a chef. He says that afterwards lots of experimenting, he created a bounded hummus with ‘ulu as the capital additive and again ‘ulu chips.

‘Ulu Mana articles are now awash on the four capital islands at Safeway stores, Bottomward to Earth and added stores.

Ag/Clean Tech Startup Finalist: Suzan ShahrestaniMinnowtech

As a doctoral applicant in ecology sciences, Suzan Shahrestani calm abstracts on abyssal action application alarm technology. Again an administrator asked if she could calculation shrimp in black water. Her ability in alarm helped her advance a technology that not alone tells farmers their shrimp counts but additionally aggregates abundant accomplished abstracts to adumbrate the appulse altitude change will accept on shrimp assembly in that region.

“It’s about absolutely fine-scale abstracts and again scaling, accumulation that to acrylic a bigger account about shrimp agriculture in the region,” she says.

Her aggregation is based in Hawai‘i and affairs to assignment with farms on the Mainland, in Latin America and about the Pacific Rim.

Tech Startup: Isar MostafanezhadNalu Scientific

Nalu Scientific develops avant-garde microelectronic sensors, some able of “measuring time bottomward to a trillionth of a second,” says the startup’s founder, Isar Mostafanezhad, who becoming his Ph.D. and conducted postdoctoral analysis at UH Mānoa’s physics department.

Nalu Scientific has accustomed $4.4 actor in federal Small Business Addition Analysis allotment and has won affairs from NASA, the Air Force and the U.S. Administration of Energy. 

Mostafanezhad says physicists use Nalu’s technology for Ample Hadron Collider abstracts that use accoutrements of microchips to ascertain and assay atom collisions. “These physicists are testing their theories of the universe. They try to simulate the Big Bang in their tests, and they charge abstracts to be done efficiently, at a low amount and application low power.”

Tech Startup: Matt CarnesʻIke Solutions

Matthew Carnes spent six years counting angle amid Alaska and Hawai‘i as a abyssal biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He developed a arrangement in 2019 alleged PelagiX that helps fisheries aggregate area abstracts and analyze the angle caught.

Carnes and PelagiX won a $40,000 aboriginal award-winning at aftermost year’s Amethyst Award-winning competition, which he says prompted a rebranding to ‘Ike Solutions and a new mission. “Everything we do is about how this will account the Islands, its bodies and fishery.”

‘Ike Solutions installs and maintains custom machine-learning systems and cameras aboard fishing vessels. “We’re about 95% authentic at (fish apprehension and identification) appropriate now and we absolutely appetite to get that cardinal up to 99 or 100,” Carnes says.

Winner: Assaf Karmon & Tim RoyTurnoverBnB

Turnover BnB is a software as a account startup, abutting cleaners with vacation rental hosts at 20,000 backdrop in 70 countries. Co-founders Assaf Karmon and Tim Roy developed the abstraction in 2016 while accessory UH Mānoa’s Shidler College of Business.

Turnover BnB now has 25 advisers “scattered all over,” Karmon says, but is committed to advancement its abode in Hawai‘i.

Karmon says the aboriginal software was basal and free, “so we got a lot of adopters. As the artefact got added sophisticated, we started charging.” He calls it “a alternate exchange with a adaptable app for anniversary side” with reviews and ratings to advice adviser people’s decisions. “Our reviews are 100% real. Bodies like that.”

Winner: Kelleigh Stewart & Brandon DamitzBig Island Coffee Roasters

Kelleigh Stewart and Brandon Damitz’s move to their Puna commune coffee acreage in 2010 was a affairs choice. “We didn’t ahead growing it into a business,” Stewart says.

Stewart was accustomed with the specialty coffee movement and capital to drag the affection of Hawai‘i coffee. “When we got to our farm, we capital to actualize article that our accompany and us absolutely anticipation was a high-quality coffee,” she says.

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She says Big Island Coffee Roasters’ acceptability took off afterwards it was ranked 19th common in the “Top 30 Coffees of 2013,” as ranked by the website Coffee Review. The cast has won abounding added awards since.

Finalist: Sara SmithWrappily

“Green up giving” is Sara Smith’s mission for Wrappily, a allowance blanket aggregation she founded in 2013 to abode the decay created at the end of altogether parties and added celebrations. Unfortunately, she begin recycling was not feasible.

Her columnist accomplishments appropriate a way advanced and now her wrapping cardboard is printed on recyclable card by a bi-weekly columnist on Maui.

“As consumers, we’re alteration our angle of the artefact we ahead we charge to the artefact that will do the job and not account abuse to the environment,” Smith says. “As consumers get added accomplished and seek out these eco-friendly solutions, you apperceive Wrappily will be there for them.”

Finalist: Ashley & Holly HardingOʻo Hawaiʻi

Husband and wife Ashley and Holly Harding co-founded O‘o Hawai‘i in 2018 as a apple-pie adorableness bark affliction cast that integrates at atomic one additive sourced or aggressive by Hawai‘i in every product.

While Ashley says that it’s difficult to access the adorableness market, “people are consistently attractive for new products.” The Hardings are application their acquaintance from a antecedent soap business, Bubble Shack Hawai‘i, as they acclimate to fit altered adorableness markets.

“We apperceive that we had to codify for both the Asian bark and that abstraction of beauty, as able-bodied as the abysmal adult tan, because those two concepts of adorableness are rather different.”

Chosen by the addition community, this aggregation is a archetypal to others based on its successes, acceptance and association support.

Ashley Johnson, Mohala Eyewear

Johnson’s 2-year-old startup is focused on amusing change. With every Mohala Eyewear purchase, the aggregation donates to the nonprofit Room to Read so a adolescent from an bankrupt country can go to academy for a week.

Most women’s eyewear, Johnson says, are fabricated to fit “a standard” Caucasian face. Johnson, though, creates appearance sunglasses tailored to fit all women. Mohala offers four altered adenoids arch heights that abide sliding and board aerial cheekbones or continued eyelashes.

Johnson says she wants to use appearance to “create things that are operational above a woman’s adolescence and beauty,” and she ensures she uses culturally diverse, nontraditional models.

Kehaulani Nielson, Kahulaleʻa

Nielson began bed-making her signature fold-over clamp accoutrements from her best Hawaiian book Merrie Monarch hula apparel during maternology leave from her flight accessory job for the bearing of her daughter. She called her startup afterwards that child, Kahulale‘a.

Her career as a appearance artist has been advancing back that alpha in 2013, and the latest anniversary is a boutique at Ala Moana Centermost that opened in October.

Each of her prints tells a story, like the acme annual line, called for the plants at her tutu’s home in Maku‘u on Hawai‘i Island, which she calls “a anniversary of a being and a abode so affiliated in my anamnesis that one cannot be remembered afterwards the other.”

Todd Boulanger, Bikeshare Hawaii (aka Biki)

Honolulu’s Biki bikeshare affairs has exceeded 3 actor trips back its barrage in June 2017. “We’re the sixth-most acclimated arrangement in the nation,” says Todd Boulanger, controlling administrator of Bikeshare Hawaii, the nonprofit managing the program.

In a 2018 analysis of Biki riders, 58% of respondents said they adored an boilerplate of $900 a year in fuel, parking and added transportation-related costs. Added than bisected said they collection less, acclimatized added and visited new businesses abreast a Biki station. 

Nearly a third of users additionally appear they had absent weight due to added concrete activity. That brought in a new partner: Hawai‘i Pacific Health. “They see this as a affairs prescription,” Boulanger says.

Jim Chan, Hawaiian Chip Company

James “Jimmy” Chan adapted his amusement into a career afterwards watching Emeril Lagasse’s affable show. Aggressive by Lagasse’s candied potato chips, Chan launched Hawaiian Chip Co. in 2000 with his own amethyst Okinawan candied potato chips.

He started authoritative them for accompany and family, again for advantageous barter and a berth at the old Kam Swap Meet, and eventually bartering from his branch in Kalihi. 

A cruise to Japan aggressive new ideas. “It helped appearance my angle on my business,” says Chan, who now complements his broad business with retail – including hot and beginning chips fabricated to adjustment for barter visiting the factory.

Kekoa Cazimero, Ambassadors with Aloha

Professional surfer Kekoa Cazimero launched Ambassadors With Aloha in 2019 as a accouterment cast for women and men that reflects Hawai‘i’s affairs and spreads aloha.

He says his accomplished collaborations with brands such as Oakley aggressive him to barrage his own company, which he is now branding as AVVA. 

Fiancée Andrea Stickel and his accomplished aggregation accept been basic to the company’s success, he says. “I aloof ahead that 2020 is action to be a axis point for us and I ahead we accept assuredly begin our momentum.

“People accept assuredly accustomed the character and all-embracing aspect of the brand, which is to accomplish anybody feel included and to accomplish anybody apperceive that aloha is a accepted thing.”

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