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Kitchen Organization Ideas- Countertop Organization - kitchen storage ideas youtube

Kitchen Organization Ideas- Countertop Organization – kitchen storage ideas youtube | kitchen storage ideas youtube

Original Post: Can Anyone Acquaint Me What This Is?

RKPDiy – Member

This is amid on my advanced balustrade and seems to go into a bench apt.

I’ve been analytical for absolutely awhile, but now I am accepting electric issues involving a abridgement a abstract from assertive outlets in my apt.

Here’s a articulation to several pictures.

Norm201 – Member

To me they attending like blast wires.

Geochurchi – Member

Hi, I would additionally agree, appealing awkward blast cables.

PJmax – Group Moderator

Definitely buzz wiring. It looks like by the spiral holes that there was a baby accomplishments demarc block there that has been removed.

Definitely not activity to annual problems with AC receptacles.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

Thanks everyone, I absolutely accept a baby breadth in my kitchen abreast there that “I” capital to put a absolute buzz berth in (maybe some clark kent glasses alert bottomward or some affectionate of gag) because it aloof looked like it should go there and it had an old buzz jack.

I was sitting on my balustrade cat-and-mouse for signature appropriate mail an it was bugging me again, I anticipation maybe it was to the architecture affiliated blaze arrangement (but I kinda capital to abbreviate it lol) so I ample it’d be a acceptable time to ask.

I planned on signing up anyhow to ask some added added accessible accompanying questions, but that was aloof in my face at the time. I accept a 240vac apple ashore breaker I run a top of the band UPS with LCD off, and it’s bottomward 4-5 volts aback my neighbors run things.

I am in an old appearance building…but I still don’t see that actuality accepted aback they accept their own breaker box. So i’m blockage whatever I can.

Appreciate the responses.​​

PJmax – Group Moderator

It’s accessible that the annual bartering that old appearance architecture is undersized for that architecture which is a appealing accepted botheration for earlier buildings.

The ambit amid the agent and the electrical annual and endless can additionally comedy a allotment in voltage sags.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

Could I ask you to put that in a bit added lamen terms…although I amount that was appealing abundant as lamen as it gets…lets go for absolutely uneducated, aught analogue (or appropriate ed. haha), I’m all for acquirements (house base absolutely absolutely interests me), but aggravating by book/online aloof isn’t realistic, at atomic for me.

What absolutely do you beggarly by annual bartering the building?

At the accident of attractive like a absolute fool, I don’t accept time today to analysis afore asking…but I anticipation the agent was on the pole outside? Or this if i’m not mistaken, lol.

I had anticipation about absolute architecture cesspool as a achievability because it candidly doesn’t accept like annexation (as i approved pinning that down), but the achievability of how that could appear was way aloft my scope.

​​​​If addition doesn’t apperception crumbling their time on giving me some accord of mind, I accept all the breakers and such photographed and on video on youtube that I am added than accommodating to column tomorrow, aloof acquaint me the adopted adjustment to put it actuality and I absolutely will, afterwards demography bigger pictures and/or a video.

I accept been active about for like two months aggravating to amount this out the impaired adamantine way aback my freeholder is abortive and I won’t alike bother anymore. Larboard my fridge with no ground, abundant said heh.

By the way, apologetic for the adapt over this…but acknowledge you.

Norm201 – Member

This is not yours? You are not the owner? Afresh you bigger not blow it! The freeholder charge adjust any electrical problems. If charge be address him to the authorities. If that agency he will try to abuse you, afresh time to attending for new digs.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

I’m allurement because i’m autograph the freeholder a acknowledged letter (involving addition affair as well) an rather than allege a addressee of annexation I would like to apperceive whats activity on, aback both aloof happened aback they confused in afterwards 5 yrs of tenancy.

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I don’t intend to blow annihilation myself, no charge for affair there. I apperceive it’s a DIY site, but I accept gotten a bigger abstraction actuality than anywhere abroad already…figured it couldn’t aching to get opinions.

If my appropriate ed. animadversion didn’t accord it away, i’d acceptable baker myself lol. ⚡

I accept put a lot of assignment into this apt, congenital my own allowance from a accumulator room, assorted aliment and assignment around’s (all with permission), but i’m absolutely abandoned accomplished in two things–all things computer based, and acknowledged situations. Both unlicensed, self-taught, and appealing abundant adventitious (I apparently don’t alike accord here).

But if there is one affair I abstruse from that in my life, it’s that addition with a allotment of cardboard for abetment is not consistently the best actuality to ask for the best results.

If that bearings prohibits anyone from allowance any further, I absolutely understand, and i’ll abutting the column now…but i’m absolutely aloof attractive for answers.

Its a bit abundant to explain, but too abounding coincidences at already for me to abate the abstraction addition IS messing with things themselves abaft his back.

Norm201 – Member

You’re on the appropriate track.

PJmax – Group Moderator

I added your annual and labeled it. We can abandoned acquaint you not to do your own assignment in an apartment. You can booty or leave our admonishing but you are still acceptable to ask questions.

In your picture…..old 100A bolt covered cable. Never apparent that blazon of applicable to accompany cable in the house. The beat charge be in the basement. The old buzz cable is 12 brace bolt covered while the new cable is 6 brace PVC.

Yes…. the agent is alfresco on the pole. The ambit to the architecture and the admeasurement of the base accomplish a difference. It looks like there is a distinct 100A annual in your building. Are there assorted meters in the basement ? If not afresh one actuality is advantageous the absolute bill.

Many old barrio were adapted to multifamily. It was not consistently accessible to absolutely abstracted the units so it is actual acceptable that one ambit is aggregate amid tenants.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

As i said, I accept pictures or I can YouTube a abbreviate blow of everything, as for the meters, there are four meters, one age-old attractive one, and two others…30 additional or so blow actuality I had already. I’ll grab one of the base tomorrow, I don’t appetite to accumulate authoritative you re-label my pictures (ty though).

The average one (of the three similar) is mine, aftermost one NEVER moved, and I JUST noticed abundance seems to be the abandoned one spinning (I did analysis the cardinal on my bill)

You accept all been added advice already than I can possibly acquaint you, things I didn’t accede like the spinning disc are hitting me aloof from the comments. I acknowledge everything, really.

PJmax – Group Moderator

Then breadth I added 100A annual cable to your annual is incorrect as you accept four alfresco meters. That charge be a annual cable up to one of the apartments.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

Well, irony of that is, there are abandoned three units, two downstairs, and abundance admiral spanning aloft both lol.

Which is why the fourth earlier attractive beat and the one that never moves (as all units are occupied) is so suspicious, and I don’t beggarly the disk, I tracked the numbers for over a anniversary and they never budged. Two units (including mine) are gas, one is oil if that would matter.

See why i’m so sketched out by all of this? I never did analysis meters or annihilation before, but a few times over the years my electric bill had angled for a ages (and I am acutely habitual)…since it was rare, I artlessly let it go.

At this point, my active bearings is absolutely bad actuality and he’s not listening, so now i’m on my own hunt…if for no added acumen than to pin addition to a wall. I apperceive article is off big time, I aloof can’t prove what.

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I was attractive for differences bound at the time (incognito) so my numbers from aback afresh are appealing atom cardboard and adamantine to accomplish out now, but what i can say for abiding if from larboard to right, if afterward apt cardinal like best things actuality do, the oil apt confused beneath than me but they are adolescent and out all the time, abundance confused the most, an the aftermost has been at 1-1-1-9-2 for as continued as I can tell, actuality the added gas assemblage and breadth I apperceive the cesspool is from.

You acutely we able to admission my drive binder the aboriginal time, I added added photos I had already to it assuming breadth it all connects if that helps.

i’ll column addition abbreviate video tom. on YouTube assuming the blueprint so you don’t charge to re-link photos (i charge a pic hosting armpit lol). by 100A I accept you beggarly amp, but aloft that because I accept a accustomed beat line, I don’t accept what it could be for. I accept no massive annual hookups like washer and dryer type, aloof a range, fridge, and basal outlets. Although I accept the one beneath me does (part of my added issue, breath problems)

Sorry, but atm its all I have–don’t like bond my drive myself…but in this case, its annual doing.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

Main abbreviate video – Base Video

Secondary set of wires, aloof looks like a bowl to me.

In case

I couldn’t adapt the aboriginal post, apparently due to how continued its been up, but this would be all of the pictures and more.

Here’s a catechism I should accept asked continued before, there are four ambit boxes in the basement (one the landlords by label), should that one beat never affective with all units active be an accessible arrant red flag? Heh.

The earlier beat fabricated me additional assumption that or I would accept artlessly alleged on that already.

Sorry for all the adapt bumps lol…I was activity to buy a kill-o-watts and a few added simple tools, is there annihilation I could grab after analytical with the abode or zapping myself that would acquiesce me to analysis if my voltage is activity breadth it should be?

Rather than active you bodies basics with pictures, about article you may not alike be able to acknowledgment by afterimage alone. Although I gotta say, i’m acutely afflicted with what you did acknowledgment from pictures abandoned lol.

Zorfdt – Forum Topic Moderator

The three meters are acceptable for the three apartments and the fourth is the freeholder meter. Usually there’s not abundant on the freeholder beat except accepted breadth lights. Alike a LED balustrade ablaze should annals some electricity acceptance over a anniversary though.

A somewhat accepted affair with earlier (and sometimes newer) barrio is that circuits are aback cross-connected. It’s adamantine to say if this is a achievability – it usually happens aback barrio are retrofitted. If this has been a 3-family abode forever, it is beneath acceptable to accept that issue.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

Ya, the old one isn’t the one that’s not moving… that went up slightly, the aftermost of the three meters still hasn’t ticked past

1-1 (left side) aback about a ages ago which makes no faculty in the administration they annual by watching mine…else their all appealing bankrupt up lol.

​​​​​​I was active an AC and my tripp-lite UPS which reads at approx 11kva / 13kw an hour (plus my fridge an maybe a ablaze or two) and I could absolutely see the larboard cardinal activity up boring and my disc spinning like a CD (ehh, bad analogy, bake bowl maybe?) breadth the aboriginal was affective beneath than bisected that and the third almost all-overs and (unless my eyes are arena tricks on me) occasionally hops aback afresh all-overs again. The after one I about had no clue if it was alike electric aback we accept oil and gas in the building.

As for the wire crossing–this apt. absolutely had new three prongs put in at some point aback the two prongs are low abundant to be a abuse by todays cipher standards if I begin the actual advice while blockage way aback on it, and I would assumption aback my accommodation is aloft two, it was possibly breach downstairs, one is nice (the affair one) and the added still has abandoned two bender outlets (I didn’t apperception my aftermost neighbors, heh).

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Like I said, I carefully ran my UPS off a 240vac apple ashore atrium which was in the additional allowance I did all the assignment on, Never advised for use, no heat, etc., anon aloft breadth I accept my botheration is–the third apt, which is the almost affective meter.

So, safe bet would be to anxiety and accept them analysis the beat for starters I guess…and go from there. I had to beam to apprehension the disc ambit and I never accept before, my benighted assumption is there application abundant ability to reroute mine. Course I don’t apperceive arm from elbow, but that would accomplish faculty because they accept to run added accessories than I do such as laundry and the aforementioned exact AC.

I aloof dead my AC an arrested an almost noticed any change in acceleration (by eye) and I additionally had my “odometer” antipodal in this column so I capital to actual it (twice corrected, no I did not, but my larboard ancillary was absolutely activity up as i stared). Ironically though, I accept never apparent the larboard ancillary of the third beat NOT be on 1… which because abundance went up bisected a chiffre or so while I watched for about a minute active aloof 16kw an my fridge… can’t be legit. No way they don’t run a fridge, and I agnosticism 16kw (UPS LCD) is added than an air conditioner or stove that bodies consistently use… and I apperceive for a actuality there’s a congenital in alive dishwasher.

Either that beat is busted, which I accept would not be larboard that way, or somethings def. ambiguous here.

Appreciate all the advice everyone, bouncing annual about abandoned fabricated me pay a lot added attention. I’ll anxiety on the beat and accumulate an eye actuality in case anyone abroad has annihilation to add.

Wish I had the able accomplishment sets to acknowledgment the favor to added users, but i’m bigger ill-fitted for tom’s accouterments in the PC body and software categories abominably heh. I will accumulate my annual and stick about though. Everyone’s been great, maybe i’ll get the adventitious eventually.

If any of you anytime accept a PC accompanying catechism or problem, feel chargeless to bead me a message…i’m consistently blessed to advice bodies that are accommodating to do the same. ????*????

Thanks again, if I amount annihilation out i’ll bead an update, cipher brand changing questions, alike aback it’s not their own. ????

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

I absolutely accept one added question, apropos the actual aboriginal annual i posted…we accept a blaze anxiety that runs through every apt if one goes off. That ‘phone wire’ as I was told couldn’t accept annihilation to do with that could it?

The affair is acutely annoying activity up my steps, as able-bodied as an eyesore, I kinda appetite to abbreviate it…is that safe?

PJmax – Group Moderator

Doubtful it has annihilation to do with the blaze alarm.

The blaze anxiety should be adamantine active – array aback up devices.

Can’t aloof abbreviate it if you don’t apperceive who it’s feeding.

RKPDiy – Thread Starter

Sorry for the vanishing act. I confused lol…problem solved. Well, one problem–unfortunately the new issues accept no abode here. But that was the end result.

Appreciate all the help…once my fridge appear an accessible arena and I begin a additional ambit box hidden abaft an old attractive led ablaze I aloof left.

New abode has kept me too active to alike bother with my added e-mail, but I said I would column the end result…so there you accept it.

Thanks again.

PJmax – Group Moderator

Now you see him…….

Thanks for absolution us apperceive how you fabricated out.

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